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Construction Mortgages

What you need to know before you begin building. Building a home is complicated; your low mortgage rate shouldn’t be. There are several types of new construction financing out there, but they fall into three general categories. Hire a contractor to build your house Build your house yourself Buy a newly constructed house The Three Types of…

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Credit Rating 101

How does it impact my ability to buy a home? The Canadian Credit Bureaus are similar to the Knights Templar. We know they exist, but nobody has ever seen them and we don’t really understand what they do. A Credit Company maintains information about consumer credit reports. These reports are sold to businesses, such as…

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Can A Mortgage Broker Help Me If I Have Bad Credit?

Mortgage brokers can help you handle your bad credit score and secure a great mortgage rate. A bad credit mortgage broker can help people with credit problems. If your credit problems have just started, or if you’re on the path to rebuild your credit, there is a solution. Buying a New Home People with credit…

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Determining Bad Credit Mortgage Options

Even if you have bad credit, there are still financing options available to you when considering purchasing a property. When looking for Canadian mortgage rate programs that consider bad or poor credit, the first thing to focus on is what currently shows on your actual credit score and credit profile. There are varying degrees of weak credit,…

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Is It Worth Refinancing My Mortgage?

Should you refinance early in order to take advantage of low rates? Are you thinking about refinancing your mortgage? Early refinancing has become a bit of a trend; not surprisingly though, everyone is looking to save money where they can. Obtaining a new loan with better interest rates for your home could mean saving money…