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Bridge Financing

Bridge the gap between one mortgage and the next. What happens if you find your perfect home the day after you put your current home on the market? Like many people, you probably get excited. Don’t worry! There is an answer – bridge financing. What is Bridge Financing? Bridge financing is short term financing that’s…

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Mortgage Transfers

What you need to know. Are you looking to transfer your mortgage to another property? If you’re looking to sell, chances are you still have a mortgage on the home you currently own. So what happens to your existing mortgage when you want to move on from your current home and purchase a new one?…

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Mortgage Life Insurance

Is this coverage right for you? Another thing to consider during your low mortgage rate shopping process is Mortgage Life Insurance, which is different than Mortgage Default Insurance. What is Mortgage Insurance? Mortgage Insurance is also referred to as mortgage life insurance and creditor insurance. In Canada, banks use post-claims underwriting for Mortgage Insurance. They only confirm…

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For Sale By Owner – How Does This Change The Home Buying Process?

The DIY guide for selling and buying a for sale by owner property. When it comes to selling your home, more and more people are opting for the do it yourself method. The private sale of homes is becoming fairly common thanks to advances in Internet technology and an increase in For Sale By Owner…

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Seller’s Market vs. Buyer’s Market

Understanding the housing market Have you ever wondered who decides how much a house is worth and how they do it? The market is influenced by a number of factors, all contributing to the final asking price. Some of the factors include: Tempo of the market – the speed at which homes are currently selling…