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Private mortgage lenders are generally a small company or individual who provides mortgages to borrowers for their own personal benefit. They view high-risk borrowers and properties as investment opportunities. As a result, the situation becomes beneficial for both the borrower and the lender. The borrower acquires the necessary financing for purchasing their property, as well as the advantages of working with a private lender; and the borrower collects interest along the way.

Private mortgage lenders differ from traditional lenders due to the fact that they are willing and able to accept more risk. To a private lender, a borrower seeking a mortgage is a financial investment; the borrower receives a mortgage that does not exceed the value of their home, and the lender reserves the home as collateral until the mortgage is paid off.

There are a wide variety of private lenders out there that offer differing mortgage rates. These rates are affected by a widespread of factors regarding risk. This allows borrowers to find the best rate possible by finding the right private lender for them.

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