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Ownership of agricultural assets has historically provided an excellent vehicle to grow wealth over most time periods.

We believe the need for all sectors of agriculture is set to increase materially over the next two decades. Estimates project global population to reach 9.6 billion by 2050 and we expect the appreciation and demand of agricultural assets to track that growth.

The required expansion in food production should also continue to increase, giving way to unique investment opportunities in agricultural markets, and the commercial businesses supporting the entire agricultural sector. We believe that future inflationary pressures should also help drive the value of agricultural land and property higher. This outlook should provide attractive opportunities for investment, but until very recently there have been very limited options for investors to access these types of opportunities.

AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. will provide investors with the opportunity to participate in this growth. AgriRoots Capital Management Inc. has been created to build and manage a suite of investment opportunities in the agriculture space.

The founders of AgriRoots have a strong track record in the Alternative Lending, Investment & Agriculture industries and will bring this unique skill set to bear in creating a leading agriculture focused investment firm.