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Why Apply Online?

Times have changed. It’s a digital era and that really does give you more control and more power over your own destiny when seeking a mortgage. By shopping for a mortgage and applying online you give yourself some great advantages, and online mortgage brokers like have made it easy to use the internet to conduct research and apply for a mortgage. even has an online mortgage calculator built into their website. It’s a powerful tool that will help you figure out exactly where you stand.


It’s Easy!

You don’t even need to leave home! Online mortgage companies provide all the information you need online, to compare rates and terms and to calculate your monthly payments. It has never been easier to shop for a mortgage because today all the information you need is just a few clicks away. Not only can you research and compare rates, you can actually apply online. At the online process is fast and easy, and is designed to take the stress out of the entire process.

It Protects Your Privacy.

When you surf the net and shop for a mortgage online you are in many ways shopping incognito. If a lender can’t see you they will only judge you based on facts and numbers, not the way you look, by your ethnicity, religion or any other factor that might come into play during a face to face meeting. It guarantees that your rate will be based on the financial information provided and not some other personal factor. At we are committed to being impartial and to providing equal access to everyone, and part of that dedication involves making the process as anonymous as possible for those who wish to introduce themselves and apply online. Over time we strive to build positive professional, personal relationships with all of our clients, but understand that some people feel more comfortable conducting business online.

Manage Interest Rates Volatility:

Today’s interest rates can change quickly. Shopping online will give you instant access to the most current rate information, allowing you to compare rates between lenders, and make good decisions based on the most up to date information.

Avoids Low Balling:

Some lenders still use bait-and-switch tactics, promising low interest rates up front, and then failing to deliver those low rates when customers try to close a deal. Shopping for a mortgage online helps you avoid low-ballers, because when you apply online the numbers are calculated instantly using your financial information and current market data. The numbers simply don’t lie and the numbers provided in an online mortgage application are current giving you a real rate up front.


Before shopping for a mortgage online or applying, you should prepare yourself. Arm yourself with information. has an online library of articles filled with valuable information about the mortgage approval process. There are many other websites online tool that can provide a wealth of information, but be sure you are researching mortgage rules and regulations on Canadian websites. U.S. mortgage rules are different.

Think ahead and decide what type of mortgage your want. Some people prefer bi-weekly payments, while others prefer monthly payments. The choice will be yours and you will need to determine which payment plan will best fit your lifestyle and income stream.

You certainly don’t need a degree in economics to understand an online mortgage application. Today’s online mortgage tools and applications are designed to be simple and easy. Just going through the process is an education in itself. Don’t be afraid to use the online resources available to you. Even if you plan to finalize everything through a face-to-face meeting with a mortgage broker, going through the process online and conducting research will help you prepare for the day when you sign your application and get approved. It will help ensure you go into your meeting with information in hand, and the right questions prepared. For more information on the online mortgages available from, please contact one of our customer service representatives toll-free at 1-866-941-6678.