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Establishing Credit History

When you pay your credi card, hydro, or cell phone bills, you’re establishing your credit history and developing a good credit ranking. Having a good credit score will show banks, loan providers, and mortgage businesses that you are financially sensible and able to make regular payments.

However, in the event you miss obligations on your payments, or pay them late, you might have established a poor credit rating, or are on your path to one.

Several elements play a role in your overall credit rating.

As you look to develop your credit score, whether you’re a first-time, new immigrant to Canada, or just someone who is looking to get back on target financially, here are some tips to get started on establishing a credit standing.

  •  Credit cards: Begin with gas station or department store charge cards that are easier to obtain than the usual major credit card, make steady installments, and watch your credit score develop.
  • Start with a smaller loan: Lots of people borrow to buy a car before they will ever purchase a residence. Showing you can regularly make repayments promptly for a smaller financial loan, demonstrates you will have a similar ability for a larger financial loan.
  • Have a checking account in your name: Regardless of whether you open your own checking or individual savings account, merely doing deposits, withdrawals, and transfers from that account established in your name will show that you can manage your finances conscientiously.
  • Good credit rating will take time: Developing a solid credit record and credit history will take time and responsibility. Select a couple of things you know you can handle financially; stay on track with all your payments, and show mortgage businesses and lenders that you have evidence of your financial consistency.

Know Your Credit Score

You should always be checking your credit score. Equifax Canada and TransUnion are two major Canadian credit rating companies that can provide, for a small fee, a copy of your credit history and credit score.